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Automated Features for
Direct Response Marketers

201Clicks connects with your choice of CRM! Currently supporting LimeLight CRM, Konnektive CRM, and much more!

Scheduled Billing

Keep track of your revenue, billing and other information about your campaigns on one screen. You can create and customize your own report using a simple setup wizard.

Batch Reprocessing

Have a large quantity of items you need to reprocess? Automate the manual work with this tool by simply uploading a CSV file and it'll start reprocessing with your CRM.

Live Traffic Analysis

Find out which affiliates are sending you good traffic with high conversion rates and which affiliates are sending junk traffic with high cancellations or chargebacks.

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Data Segmentation

Segment large amounts of data using the Data Segmentation Tool and connect different providers to set up autoresponders using email and SMS.

Shipment Monitoring

Connect your shipping provider and easily see the status of all your current customer deliveries in one list. Stay informed so you'll never miss a failed delivery again!

Subscription Management

Take the hassle out of manual adjusting subscriptions for every customer. Automatically adjust subscription days based on shipment and deliveries.

More 201Clicks' Features

With a wide variety of features, 201Clicks provides your business with an all-in-one solution for managing direct response offers!


Auto Cancel / Refund

Let 201Clicks take care of repetitive work by automatically approving cancellation or refund requests if a response hasn't been given to the customer in X number of days.


Automated Combined Shipping

Combine shipment on orders purchased within 24 hours from the same customer. This can directly reduce shipment costs by up to 50% and make multiple orders more manageable.


Advanced Reporting

Get an overhead view of how your campaigns are performing in a few seconds. View detailed information about Sales, Traffic Analysis, ROI, Deposit Activity and much more!


Fraud Detection

201Clicks can detect and notify you of potential fraudulent customers based on publicly available data. Blacklists and filters are created to prevent to common fraudulent order tactics.


Cart Abandonment Autoresponder

Target true partials who haven't yet purchased your offer by sending them as SMS message with a discounted offer link! Increase your conversions and turn prospects into customers.


Third-Party Apps

Require a feature we don't have? Using our accessible API, easily build and upload your own custom apps with advanced functionality for your leads and customers on 201Clicks.