The last thing you want is customers to initiate a chargeback instead of first attempting to resolve the problem directly with you. Making the process of returning or modifying an order as smooth as possible is important, as the more work the customer has to do to accomplish something like cancel an order or initiate a return, the more likely they are to just call their bank and do a chargeback.

The easiest way to solve this problem is to have a customer facing portal where customers can easily manage their orders. Unfortunately, managing many storefronts can lead to problems creating a central management system for all of your customers. With MemberByte, you can install a portal on your storefronts and receive the requests in a central place, making it easy for customers to make requests and track their orders, and making it easy for you to manage all of these requests.

MemberByte allows customers to log into a portal, see their orders and get their tracking numbers, cancel an order, send an RMA or refund request, change the date of their recurring subscription, skip a recurring billing cycle without cancelling, and more. MemberByte Orders

You can even set up RMAs and refund requests to be auto-approved after a specified time if they are not dealt with in that time frame.

MemberByte requests

Users can either make an account for the portal, or simply enter the email and order ID number, skipping needing to sign up and reducing their frustration. The less hoops they have to jump through, the less frustrated they feel, and they will be more confident in the situation they will be.

MemberByte login

With these features, we’re confident that you can reduce the number of chargebacks you experience by leveraging the tools that MemberByte offers for better customer support. By having a self service portal for all of their needs, customers are more satisfied and often less frustrated when dealing with an issue, which means they will initiate less chargebacks.

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