201Clicks’ SMS retargeting tools can help your conversions a lot more than traditional email marketing. Within just a few minutes of receiving a text, more than 90% of people read it. By making an SMS campaign, you will be receiving eyes on almost all of these messages.

201Clicks allows you to automate SMS campaigns. You can target any recipient list, which can be built on a variety of factors. For example, want to target people who have made multiple orders from you? Done. By selecting factors with 201Clicks’ list control feature, you can build a target list of prospects or customers to use with this feature. You can filter by broad or specific location, date, order status, campaign, product, and many other factors like your blacklist or chargebacks.

201 Clicks List Control

From here, you can make an SMS template to use with this list. The template allows you the use of several placeholder tokens that will be replaced with information relevant to the recipient such as their name or location.

201 Clicks SMS tools

In addition to our SMS retargeting tools, you can also opt for using a traditional call based automated template, which still allows for tokens using text to speech, forwarding to numbers based on what the recipient presses.

With the SMS retargeting features of 201Clicks, you will have a much easier time converting both prospects as well as getting new orders from existing customers with targeted campaigns that see many more sets of eyes than other methods!

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