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Here are some answers to our most common questions.

What is 201Clicks?

201Clicks is a direct response marketing automation software that allows business to add a vast amount of features to their CRM. 201Clicks supports integration with many third party providers and CRMs.

What CRM systems are supported?

Currently, 201Clicks supports direct integration with LimeLight CRM and Konnektive CRM. Our team is working hard to release more integration options very soon.

Does 201Clicks work with other products?

Yes, it integrates with El Minara and CodeBase, and will support future products as well.

How do I install 201Clicks?

201Clicks is web based tool. This means there’s no installation required and it works with all operating systems (including Windows and MacOS). Simply link your CRM to it and you’re set up.

Can I use my own domain name?

Certainly! 201Clicks is designed to allow you to have full functionality over your offers.  You can host your offers on a range of web servers and use custom DNS options, including domain names.

Why are plugins for 201Clicks sold separately?

Plugins like MemberByte are complete solution packages that take a lot of development resources. Instead of raising the cost of 201 Clicks for all customers, we allow customers to choose what solutions they need a la carte, ensuring they are not forced to pay for solutions they don’t need.