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The Many Features
of 201Clicks

201Clicks connects to your choice of CRM! Currently supporting LimeLight CRM, Konnektive CRM and many more!

Making Direct Response Marketing Easy

201Clicks is an all-in-one platform that helps marketers manage their campaigns. Our industry leading features are unique 20 201clicks and are used by marketers all around the world.

Lead Management

Monitor and track your leads with 201Clicks. View order and shipping history easily and on demand.

Website Monitoring

Analyze Your Website Performance. Powerful Real Time Alerts & Monitoring.

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Marketing Automation Tools

Industry Leading Tools
For Marketing Automation

201Clicks combines high-tech innovation and industry renowned leadership to produce leading tools for marketing automation in the direct response market. Our teams are lead by industry experts in advertising, digital marketing, and software development.

Advanced reporting

These reports are designed to help your business plan for the future. Analyze traffic quality and more!

Decline Reprocessing

Reprocess any orders manually or by uploading a custom CSV file containing your CRM order IDs.

Batch Import Chargeback

Upload custom CSV chargeback files to your CRM via 201Clicks.

More Features

With our wide variety of features, 201Clicks provides businesses
an all-in-one application to manage their direct response offers!

Auto Cancel / Refund

Create tasks where your orders will be automatically canceled or refunded depending at your requirement.

Advanced Reporting

Target true partials who haven’t yet purchased your offer by sending them as SMS message with a discounted offer link!

Mail control

Create custom emails and have them automatically delivered to your customers and prospects however you want.

Easy cancel portal

Set up your own order cancellation portal for your website with 201clicks. View and manage your cancellation requests.

Shipment Monitoring

Track the delivery status of your orders with live shipment monitoring. Automatically notify your customers with any shipment updates.
-USPS, UPS, FedEX, Hermes & Australia Post.

Fraud Detection

201clicks can detect possible fraudulent customers based on historical data and notify you accordingly.

Google Assistant API

Ask things such as “Who’s my newest custom?” and “How many new orders do I have today” with Google Assistant integration

Data Segmentation

Create custom views and tables for you and your colleagues. Build custom sections in 201Clicks a huge amount of data options.

Combined Shipping

Combine shipping on orders purchased within 24 hours from the same customer.

Open DataPost

If your favorite third party integration not supported? Simply build your own DataPost and push data to any URL in any event.

And many more features

Live traffic analysis, Manual Order Cancellation and & Refund a shared library of blacklisted customers and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 201Clicks?

201Clicks is a direct response marketing automation software that allows business to add a vast amount of features to their CRM. 201Clicks supports integration with many third party providers and CRMs.

How do I install 201Clicks?

201Clicks is web based tool. This means there’s no installation required and it works with all operating systems (including Windows and MacOS).

What CRM systems are supported?

Currently, 201Clicks supports direct integration with LimeLight CRM and Konnektive CRM. Our team is working hard to release more integration options very soon.

Can I use my own domain name?

Certainly! 201Clicks is designed to allow you to have full functionality over your offers. 201Clicks allows you to host your offers on a range of web servers and use custom DNS options, including domain names.

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